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Vickie Hodges is passionate about Child Development /Family Studies along with brain development research and mental/emotional well-being.  She is founder/CEO of LIFE

(Living In Freedom EVERYDAY) Non-Profit Foundation and owner/director of Little

People’s Early Learning Centers. She enjoys speaking at conferences and seminars while promoting her latest educational tool LIFE Recovery Series.  LIFE Recovery Series is an educational tool used to equip men and women in recovery/healing for damaged emotions caused by abuse of every kind.


Vickie graduated from San Jacinto College majoring in Child Development and

Family Studies.  She enjoys brain development research and serves her community as a LIFE Coach to persons living in shelters and recovery homes.


Vickie is a valuable player in her profession due to the fact that she is a survivor of

early childhood abuse.  Having traveled her own journey of recovery for damaged

emotions, she shares her experiences along with her research to help men and women

find their way back to LIFE (Living In Freedom EVERYDAY) after suffering abuse.


Vickie places high value and respect on human life of all ages and believes that

young children are “little people” who deserve respect, kindness and love.  When

these “little people” are placed in a safe learning environment they cannot help

but grow into their highest potential.  Vickie’s survival from early childhood sexual

abuse combined with her studies in Child Development and Family Studies has

proven to have a major impact on her career choice.  She has taken those hardships

and vulnerability and embraced them to mold her into a passionate child and family



Outside work, Vickie spends time creating memorable moments with her family. 

Creating family meals and eating together is always fun, and who can resist a game

of cards, dominoes, or dice afterward?  Oh, and  let’s not forget Vickie’s love for

books.  She is an avid reader, learner, and researcher and as far as she is concerned,

one can NEVER have too many books.


Vickie spends a considerable amount of time in meetings and traveling to the different

childcare locations throughout the week.  She shares the story of her being in a

high-speed police chase.  She had noticed the bright spiraling lights behind her as she

was driving.  Vickie presumed she was in the way of the policeman and therefore, she sped up to move out of his way so he could “catch” whoever it was he was after.  She quickly made a lefthand turn to get out of his way and to her amazement, the policeman was still behind her.  It finally dawned on her that there was no one in front

of her for the policeman to pull over and that “could it possibly be HERSELF” that the policeman was chasing?  She was so embarrassed by this realization that she felt it

of the most urgent necessity to enlighten the police officer as to why she was speeding.  When she pulled over to the side of the road she quickly began to go toward the police officer to enlighten him, when she heard over a loud speaker,

“Ma’am, return to your vehicle!”  The rest is history and she did learn from her

mistake.  When asked by her friends how was it that she did not know that  you

do not get out of your vehicle when you are pulled over by a police, her reply was,

“I never read that in any of my books!”


Vickie Hodges

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